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Zenecom NMN 12000 (H-Zen12000)

Zenecom NMN 12000 (H-Zen12000)


Product Features:
•One of the few NMN products approved by the stringent TGA, Therapeutic Goods Administration, the medicine and therapeutic agency of the Australian Government.

• 100% NMN, single ingredient without any fillers or additives of any kind.

• High purity of 99.9% hence high conversion rate and good absorption efficiency. Peak level of NMN in blood plasma occur in 10 minutes after NMN administration. NAD+ levels rise significantly within 30 minutes.

•Optimal dosing for Asian to ensure users to take enough NMN to achieve the anti-aging effect.

• A vegan friendly and gluten free product. Use vegetarian capsules and non GMO raw materials.


1.Activate the anti-aging genes
2.Repair damaged cells
3.Maintain and enhance vital organ functions
4.Increase metabolism
5.Better sleep
6.Boost muscle strength
7.Improve concentration
8.Improve immunity
9.Prevent dementia
10.Stablize blood sugar

Available sizes: 60 Tablets
Directions for use:
Adults - Take 2 tablet daily with food.

Store in a cool, dry place