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SniZtop (H-SZP001)
SniZtop (H-SZP001)
SniZtop (H-SZP001)

SniZtop (H-SZP001)


SniZtop is a patented natural dietary supplement with proprietary formula containing zinc and specific proteins derived from quail eggs and Zinc that support the immune system.

Chewing SniZtop tablets release zinc and active proteins that prevent the allergen from getting into contact with the immune cells. Thus, SniZtop blocks the trigger of inflammatory mediators such as histamine. SniZtop is fast-acting, having an effect within only 10 minutes after intake.

*Natural formula
*Sniztop is a natural product that is 100% drug-free.

Made in France

Available sizes: 30 Tablets

Active ingredients: Kwarteleipowder 84mg 、Zinc 1.5mg

Directions for use:
-Allergy:Chew 2 tablets twice daily upon symptom apparition, repeat as needed. Max: 10 tablets per day. Can also be taken 15 to 20 minutes before allergen exposure. 
-Atopic dermatitis: Chew 3 tablets twice daily, repeat as needed. Max: 10 tablets per day.
*Remarks: Take before meal