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BLACKMORES Multivitamin for Men 50s (H-BLA007)

BLACKMORES Multivitamin for Men 50s (H-BLA007)


BLACKMORES® Multivitamin for Men is a comprehensive blend of 21 nutrients, minerals and herbs, designed to support men’s performance and wellbeing.

Formulation also contains additional ingredients – Tribulus terrestris, Turnera diffusa and Zinc, which have been specifically chosen to support men’s energy levels and maintain sperm, liver and immune health. Ginkgo helps to improve blood circulation and relieve disturbance symptoms.

One a day tablet to deliver doses of key nutrients to support general health & wellbeing
- Supports general health & wellbeing
- Supports performance and maintain sperm health
- Supports energy production & aids post exercise recovery in active individuals when dietary intake is inadequate
- Supports healthy blood circulation
- Supports immune system health
- Supports a healthy response to stress in the body
- Supports cognitive function
- Supports nutrient levels in the body
- Helps reduce free radical damage to body cells
- Helps convert food into energy

Available sizes: 50 Tablets
Directions for use:
Adults: Take 1 tablet a day with a meal, or as professionally prescribed
Active ingredients:
Thiamine nitrate (vitamin B1) 30mg,Riboflavin (vitamin b2)15mg ,Nicotinamide
30mg ,Calcium pantothenate (pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 64.1 mg)70mg,Pyridoxine hydrochloride(vitamin B6, pyridoxine 24.7 mg) 30mg,Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 40µg,Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 100mg,d-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate (natural vitamin E 25 IU) 20.7 mg,Biotin 50microgram,Folic acid 300 microgram,Inositol 25mg,calcium 50mg,iodine 50 microgram,magnesium 35mg,manganese 2mg,zinc 15mg,selenium 26 microgram,Turnea diffusa (damiana) extract equivalent to dry leaf 1 g (1000mg),Tribulus terrestris extract equivalent to dry fruit 6 g (6000mg),Gingko biloba (ginkgo)
extract equivalent to dry leaf 500mg,Silybum marianum (milk thistle)
extract equivalent to dry fruit 4 g (4000mg)