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Lourdes 頸部按摩抱枕Pro (AX-HXL391-Procure) - 盈健醫療 - 搜羅不同類型健康產品及服務
Lourdes 頸部按摩抱枕Pro (AX-HXL391-Procure) - 盈健醫療 - 搜羅不同類型健康產品及服務
Lourdes 頸部按摩抱枕Pro (AX-HXL391-Procure) - 盈健醫療 - 搜羅不同類型健康產品及服務
Lourdes 頸部按摩抱枕Pro (AX-HXL391-Procure) - 盈健醫療 - 搜羅不同類型健康產品及服務

Lourdes Neck Massage Pillow Pro (AX-HXL391-Procure)


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Lourdes Neck Massage Pillow Pro

*This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer and there will be special delivery arrangements. Please check the following "Delivery and Installation Arrangements"

To further improve the feeling of massage, it is equipped with the "magatama bead" function that pursues professional technology. It can relax your neck and shoulders through warm massage.

Equipped with 3 massage modes
1. Push professional mode
-When the ball is rotated in professional mode, the speed will change subtly, like a short interval of fast and slow switching.
2. Push relaxation mode
-The kneading beads in this mode will rotate at an even speed and the force will be evenly distributed, creating a slow acupressure massage like a human hand.
3. Push standard mode
-Keep technology, relatively fast

Can be used alternately.
1) Frontal use: rub the beads upward to massage the meridians of the head
2) Use on the opposite side: rub the beads downward to massage the shoulders and arms

• Warming mode promotes deep massage effect • Two magatama-shaped massage beads, imitating the 3D touch of human hands to relieve fatigue • Easy operation • Super soft sponge, the massage is more close and comfortable

Product specifications:

  • Color: pink
  • Size: 255mmX390mmX155mm Weight: 2.3kg

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