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Raze Original 3.0 (C-RAZ010)
Raze Original 3.0 (C-RAZ010)

Raze Original 3.0 (C-RAZ010)


Raze Original 3.0 
Household sanitizing photocatalyst spray - Solving 5 hygiene problems with just one spray


  • Inactivate >99% COVID-19
  • Inactivate >99% pathogens including virus and bacterias
  • Purify >90% formaldehyde and VOCs
  •  Mold Resistance over 28 days

Product Features

  • Continuously inactivate viruses including COVID-19 and bacteria >99%*
  • Against pathogens, mold, and formaldehyde with continuous air purification
  • Revolutionary nano-photocatalyst coating, 5 times smaller than conventional
  • Sneak into small cracks and protect surfaces up to 3 months
  • Any light to be activated and energy storage for day and night
  • No nasty chemicals, suitable for most surfaces and preserve the quality and appearance
  • Alcohol and fragrance free, safe for children and pets
  • Equip with long-lasting mist head to enhance the efficiency
  • Triple its sanitizing power with RAZE UV ​​activator