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Boostrix Vaccine (VACBOIX)

Boostrix Vaccine (VACBOIX)


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Human Health will contact the customer after successful payment. Customers can also call hotline for booking. Details please refer to terms and conditions.

*Please note that for all vaccine services, if you need to receive the vaccination on a specific day or time slot, please call 3970 8888 to inquire with customer service whether that time can be arranged, then proceed with payment and confirm the appointment with customer service.

*Suitable for Newborn babies carers (Including domestic helpers, post-natal care workers and parents),
*85% of new born babies cases are transmitted by family members (4)
*Suitable for pregnant women (during the second or third trimester of pregnancy), people aged 50 or above, and people with weakened immune systems

Why Do New Born Baby Carers Need Whooping Cough Vaccine?
The rate of pertussis transmitted by family members is relatively high, 85% of new born babies cases are transmitted by family members (4). So it is recommended that caregivers of newborn babies, except for pregnant women, receive the Boostrix vaccine 2 weeks before the baby's birth.

Double infection of COVID and whopping cough cannot be ignored
According to research, patients with COVID who are infected with whooping cough at the same time are more severely ill than those who only suffer from COVID.(3)

Why Do Pregnant Women Need Whooping Cough Vaccine?
From birth to 6 months of age, newborn babies are more susceptible to pertussis infection because they have not yet completed the basic vaccine. The first dose of pertussis vaccine is only started when the baby is 2 months old, and it may take 1-2 months after the injection to produce antibodies, that is, it may not start to have protective effect until 3-4 months old. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th injections at 6 and 18 months, respectively, have the most comprehensive protection.

Pregnant women who are vaccinated against whooping cough during the second or third trimester of pregnancy can produce antibodies in the mother's body and transmit the antibodies to the baby through the placenta, so that the baby can be protected.

Whooping cough and cold symptoms are very similar
Pertussis (also known as whooping cough) is highly contagious and deadly, spread through droplets from direct contact with a sick person. The initial symptoms of whooping cough are similar to those of a cold and flu. There are also symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, mild fever and cough. Therefore, in the early stage of the disease, it may be ignored by patients. But the cough can get worse and prevent the patient from eating and breathing. The average duration of cough in adult patients is 5-12 weeks (1). The bacteria can infect the lungs, which can lead to convulsions and coma in severe cases (2).

Extra careful for people with weak immunity level
People with weak immunity, the elderly or those with chronic diseases may find it difficult to recover on their own, and the symptoms after infection are more severe, often complicated by serious diseases such as pneumonia and kidney failure. Vaccination is required to reduce the risk of infection. 

Boostrix Vaccine can effectively prevent whooping cough. Vaccines provide effective protection, and patients who have been vaccinated against whooping cough experience milder disease.

I was vaccinated as a child, do I need to re-vaccinate?

Antibodies to whooping cough decline over time, and their protective efficacy is about 10 years. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all people with 19 years old or older should receive one dose of the adult pertussis vaccine every 10 years to prevent pertussis, diphtheria, and tetanus. (5)(6)

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(2) Centre for Health Protection. Pertussis.
(3) He. COVID pneumonia. Diag Micro Infect Dis 2020.
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Manufacturer: GSK

  • People aged 50 or above
  • People with weakened immune systems
  • Patients with chronic diseases (such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Pregnant women (during the second or third trimester)
  • Women who have just given birth (not vaccinated against whooping cough during pregnancy)
  • Newborn baby carers (including foreign domestic helpers, postmen, grandparents, parents)
  • Medical staff
  • People who have not received any pertussis vaccine in the past 10 years

Not applicable to:

  • People who have a fever or are taking antibiotics on the day of injection, it is recommended to delay the injection.
  • Have had a severe allergic reaction after previous pertussis-containing vaccine
  • Brain lesions (eg, coma, loss of consciousness, persistent seizures) within 7 days of previous pertussis-containing vaccines and no other explainable cause should not be vaccinated

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If you purchase pediatric vaccine service, please pay attention to the following vaccination guidelines:

  • Human Health will contact the customer within 2 working days after successful payment. Customers can also call hotline at 3970 8888 for booking. (Operation hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:00a.m.– 7:00p.m.)
  • Customer must be vaccinated within 6 months from payment date
  • Customer must provide a valid vaccination record to the medical center to determine the appropriateness of taking the vaccine.
  • Customer is not recommended for the injection if he/she is allergic to any component of the vaccine.
  • If customer has a fever or are taking antibiotics on the day of injection, it is recommended to delay the injection.
  • People who are taking drugs but not sure whether it is appropriate to accept the vaccine, it is recommended to consult the doctor or bring the relevant drugs to the health professionals for examination on the day of injection before deciding whether it is suitable for injections.
  • The vaccination is only applicable for 4 years old or older.
  • If after assessment by the doctor, you are not suitable for the vaccine injection, you will need to pay the doctor's consultation fee of HK$300 - $350. The difference will be refunded. The detailed charges will be based on the arrangements of the medical center.
  • There is no refund once the order is confirmed, please refer to our refund policy.

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