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Ceradan®尿布霜 (H-CERDC) - 盈健醫療 - 搜羅不同類型健康產品及服務 為您的健康增值

Ceradan® Diaper Cream (H-CERDC)


Ceradan® Diaper Cream

Ceradan® Diaper Cream provides triple protective actions that help to protect and prevent diaper rash. Uniquely formulated with three active ingredients, ceramide-dominant essential skin lipids to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier, zinc oxide to seal out wetness and octenidine to control yeast growth in the diaper. Suitable for newborns onwards.

1. Ceramide-dominant ratio to optimally rebuild the protective skin barrier
2. Zinc Oxide to seal out wetness and protect skin
3. Octenidine is an effective agent to control yeast growth
4. All skin types
5. All age groups

How to Use:

1.With every diaper change, clean and dry diaper area.
2.Apply liberally and evenly on skin.

Volume: 50g / tube