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Ezerra plus cream (H-EZER06)

Ezerra plus cream (H-EZER06)


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Ezerra plus cream

The eczema cream for scratched inflamed skin
3 important ingredients:
1. Tripeptide - boosts skin's natural defense system (AMP) against microbes and other external agents that can cause infection in scratched skin.

2. Stimutex-AS - A naturally-derived ingredient that has anti-histaminergic mimicking properties to provide relief from pruritis (itchiness) and erythema (redness and inflammation of the skin).

3. Saccharide isomerate - A natural humectant that acts like a water magnet to provide intense moisturisation and restore skin barrier function.

1. Boosts the skin's own defense system and breaks the vicious "Itch-Scratch" cycle before it can lead to infection
2. Ensures intense moisturisation by attracting, retaining and regulating moisture in the skin

How to Use:

Apply 2-3 times a day on clean skin on affected areas

Made in Malaysia

Volume: 25g