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G-NiiB Immunity + (H-GNP001)
G-NiiB Immunity + (H-GNP001)

G-NiiB Immunity + (H-GNP001)


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G-NiiB Immunity + is a unique microbiome Immunity formula that can be used as a dietary supplement. This formula uses big data to select ideal naturally occurring live bacteria, with patented microencapsulated technology from Italy to enhance live bacteria survival, and is clinically shown to be effective and safe in local novel virus patients. G-NiiB obtained exclusive patent# licensing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong;

The FIRST and ONLY microbiome based Immunity formula based on scientific data of novel virus patients,G-NiiB offers microbiome precision formula containing:

  • Freeze-dried live
  • Heat-resistant prebiotics
  • Tailors to Asian microbiome

A probiotic is a living microorganism, which improve our intestinal microbial balance; probiotics are non-pathogenic and are mostly can survive in stomach and pass to small bowel. They help to protect against disease and maintain wellbeing.

  • Help STRENGTHEN our immune system
  • This unique formula helps to restore microbial imbalance and immunity
  • Suitable for individuals aged 2 or above

    Available sizes: 1 box (28 sachets)

    Directions for use:

    One sachet daily or as directed by healthcare professional. Sprinkle in water, non-fizzy or non-alcoholic drinks, or food (below 45℃ ). Can be taken at any time of the day but best consumed with a meal.

    Active ingredients:
    GB-SIM01: Galactooligosaccharides, Xyloologosaccharide, Resistant dextrin, probiotics blend (3 Bifidobacteria, 2 billion CFU/ sachet). Contains traces of milk products.