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(Designated Location) HPV 9 in 1 Vaccine (Single dose) (VACHPV9MSD1)

(Designated Location) HPV 9 in 1 Vaccine (Single dose) (VACHPV9MSD1)


? Appointment required
Human Health will contact the customer after successful payment. Customers can also call hotline for booking. Details please refer to terms and conditions.

*Administered by Registered Nurse and available at designated locations
*Please note that HPV vaccine
 is given as a 2 doses (Aged 9-14)/ 3 doses (Aged 15 or above) series.
*Recommend to individuals aged 9-14 (Suitable for both Male and Female)

*Keung To display stand is only available to customer who vaccinates at Mongkok Impact Medical Imaging Centre on first-come-first-serve basis

Cervical cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women in Hong Kong while the most prevalent types of HPV are HPV 16 and 18. This vaccine can protect you from 9 types of virus including HPV 6, 11,16,18,31,33,45,52 and 58, which may causes cancer and diseases such as cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, vagina cancer, anal cancer, it can also prevent genital warts.

HPV can be transmitted primarily through sexual contact to men and women who are sexually active. Additionally, HPV-infected women may infect their infants during delivery.

The HPV vaccine (9-in-1) provides immunity that prevents up to 90% of cancer and diseases caused by HPV and 98% of Precancerous cervical lesion caused by HPV16 &18 types. Receiving the HPV vaccine early will provide you and your family with advance protection from HPV.

Virus that can be covered:

  • 9 virus types, including HPV 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58


  • MSD

Recommend to individuals aged 9-14 (Suitable for both Male and Female)

  • HPV vaccine is given as a 2 doses (Aged 9-14)/ 3 doses (Aged 15 or above) series.

Not applicable to:

  • People with previous anaphylaxis (serious allergy) to a previous dose of the vaccine or any of the vaccine ingredients
  • Those who have an allergic reaction to eggs, egg whites or yeast
  • Pregnant women 
  • People with fever, moderate or severe illness should be vaccinated after recovery

Tsim Sha Tsui-Impact Health Management Centre (Tsim Sha Tsui Healthy Square) 
Shop 102B, 1/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

If you purchase HPV vaccine service, please pay attention to the following vaccination guidelines:
•Human Health will contact the customer within 2 working days after successful payment. Customers can also call hotline at 3970 8888 for booking. (Operation hours: Monday to Sunday: 9:00a.m.– 7:00p.m.)
Customer needs to follow the injection schedule.
The first dose must be given within 6 months after payment.
•Refund is not applicable if client fails to follow the injection schedule stated above.
•Customer is not recommended for the injection if he/she is allergic to eggs, egg whites or yeast
• If customer has a fever or are taking antibiotics on the day of injection, it is recommended to delay the injection.
•If customer is pregnant or breastfeeding, have a weakened immune system, and are receiving medications (such as chemotherapy, steroids, etc.), he/she should consult doctor first and accept injections under guidance.
•People who are taking drugs but not sure whether it is appropriate to accept the vaccine, it is recommended to consult the doctor or bring the relevant drugs to the health professionals for examination on the day of injection before deciding whether it is suitable for injection.
• The vaccine is only applicable to people aged 9 years old or above.
• The vaccine does not protect the infected HPV virus model.
• All products purchased in the E-SHOP cannot be returned or exchanged. For details, please refer to our Refund Policy

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